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Colima Processors


Colima Processors is the 3rd processing facility which was founded in 2018 by Klaus Böcker Group together with a Mexican partner. Since 2019 the factory who is located in the center of tropical fruits plantations has been processing organic bananas and conventional grown mangos according to the latest ripening and production standards.

Country: Mexico

Foundation: 2018



Organic Banana Puree*
Mango Puree „Tommy Atkins“
Mango Puree „Ataulfo“*
Mango Puree „Haden“
Mango Puree „Kent“
Mango Puree Concentrate „Tommy Atkins“
Mango Puree Concentrate „Ataulfo“*
Mango Puree Concentrate „Kent“
*also in baby food quality

Packing Units
Aseptic in steel drums

Packing units

Aseptic in steel drums


Certificates / Membership

BIO (EU / NOP / Canada)