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Beside the quality and the availability it is important to provide the product in time in the right packaging and in perfect condition.

How do we make this? With efficient logistic partners and established smoothly processes. This is how good products in perfect quality arrive punctually at the right destination, whether in the harbor, our or your cold store.


We have been working since many years together with well known and established logistic partners in the national territory or abroad who are assisted and controlled by experts in our house:

  • customs partner
  • cold stores
  • long lasting cooperation with the leading shipping lines and transport companies


The Klaus Böcker GmbH sells in whole Europe, in North America and Asia to customers to following industries:

  • Bottler of juices, nectars and other non-alcoholic drinks, branded articles/trademarks
  • Producers of raw materials like lemonades, drinks, etc.
  • Blending companies
  • Baby food producers (considerable branded article producers)
  • Producers of dairy raw material products


At the moment we are further developing our sales area and open up new regions and countries. Thereby we are looking for local distributors and distribution partners.

  • wide and deep product portfolio
  • high availability due to long lasting worldwide exclusive partnerships
  • direct communication with the producer due to own processing facilities in Guatemala and South Africa
  • Preselection of suitable suppliers
  • Securing of the quality requirements by multiple certification/use of quality partners
  • several cold storages in the Netherlands
  • Timely and perfect delivery due to well-rehearsed logistic processes with long lasting partners.